Signage & Graphics

Modern signage possibilities are limitless with the latest technologies and techniques. Sterling is one of Brisbane’s leading signage companies. Our highly qualified and skilled craftsmen are trained in all aspects of display and sign manufacture. You can be confident of Sterling’s ability to deliver your message with impact, style.

Custom Signage Fabrication

We understand the need for quality signage solutions that fit your business to build your brand and attract your target clients and customers. Our custom signage services ensure just that; from design through to installation, our experts will help you seamlessly integrate all branding requirements into eye-catching, quality displays that make you look good. From full office fit-outs to shop window graphics, fascias and awnings, informational signage and advertising, we do it all.

Direct to Surface Printing & Graphics

Sterling’s Brisbane signage factory uses the most advanced technology and innovations in 3D sign creation to transform colourful graphic design and printed image creations into stunning 3D products.

We were the first company in Australia capable of reverse printing direct to sheet prior to vacuum forming to produce the finished 3D panel. Producing UV stable and vandal resistant moulded acrylic and plastic products was unachievable until then. We are proudly setting new standards and providing innovative signage products featuring our full-colour, high-resolution printing.

This is a new frontier full of exciting possibilities.

Pylon Signs (Engineering Grade)

Pylon signs are often used by shopping centers and service stations but can come in smaller variations for businesses of all types. They make extremely effective roadside signage. They are constructed from steel mounted onto reinforced concrete footings to ensure they stand up to the weather and last for many years. Our qualified installers can also guide you through the council approvals process.

When it comes to RPEQ certification, our designs and drawings are checked and approved by tradesman and CPEng RPEQ qualified engineers to ensure that they comply to Australian Standards.

Shopfront Signage

We often work closely with project architectural services in the planning and production of very unique and bespoke architectural finishes and features. An ever challenging area which often leads to the most amazing final results.

The area of corporate and architectural sign and display is an area of infinite possibilities and offers Sterling Products many opportunities to show what this company can achieve.

Wayfinding Signage

Indoor and outdoor wayfinding signage is critical to keeping traffic flowing and customers leaving with a good impression. It’s more than signage, it’s an extension of your brand experience. It requires a combination of communication theory, art and a knowledge of traffic flow.

The materials we use and installation methods are designed to make your signage last. Well thought-out positioning means they’ll always be in the right place when you need them.

Through careful research and planning, Sterling Products provides wayfinding support with design services, sign development, manufacturing, and installation. Our end-to-end project management approach ensures you’ll have intuitive wayfinding and signage around your premises.

Lightbox Signage

Why limit yourself to daytime visibility? Make your brand stand out no matter what time it is.

We often use LED lights due to their longevity and energy efficiency. Lightbox signs can be created from custom designs, tailored to suit the location, and of course, your budget.

Construction Signage

Make your brand stand out with a Sterling Products Construction Site Signage Pack. Included are coreflute construction site signs as well as options for branded signage to advertise your company on-site.

Scratch-Resistant Hi-Tac Decals

Our quality scratch-resistant hi-tac decals are reverse printed and offers tactile options. Perfect for cockpit/console labels, amenities signs and wall-attached wayfindings.

Find out more on what Gerber-edge decals can do for your business.

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