Architectural and Retail Finishes and Features

We work closely with project architectural services to plan and produce unique architectural finishes and features. It’s challenging and creative and provides a wow-factor that has to be seen to be believed.

The possibilities are endless. Anything you can create, we can build.

Printed Ceiling Tiles & Light Panels

Give your space a whole new look with our new graphic ceiling panels. Any design can be produced using our direct to substrate UV printer to turn your plain white ceiling into something special, whether it’s individual feature tiles or a design spanning your entire ceiling.

Direct printed light panels can add additional highlights, while also illuminating the room. Panels can be fully or partially printed depending on the desired design and lighting requirements.

Architectural seamless pattern designs can be used to add a new look or recreate an old. From period featured panels to more modern designs, achieve the look you’re after while keeping costs and roll out time to a minimum.

Feature Panels & Foyers

We use the latest materials and manufacturing processes to create modern, robust and visually appealing interior and exterior wall finishes and displays. These include illuminated mural walls for public spaces, furniture, and building works.

A creative built environment adds to the depth and quality of your brand. It also gives public spaces a lift from the usual concrete and steel.

Wayfinding & Custom Signage

Clear wayfinding signage is critical to smooth traffic flow and customer experience. It needs to be in the right place at the right time, it needs to be on-brand and it needs to provide clarity. Feeling comfortable in a new environment is critical to a relaxed shopping experience.

Our skilled designers not only understand good design, but know how to incorporate it into a seamless wayfinding system that ensures your customer feel at ease.

Privacy Films & Window Graphics

Window films or frosting provide a cost-effective way to create privacy and usable space in a glass office. They are also an excellent signage opportunity. Ask our consultants about the 1000’s of designs and custom solutions available.


3D LED illuminated light rings can be suspended or directly mounted to ceilings or walls. Our customisable designs provide various finish options to suit your application.

  • Shops and Shopping Centre Ceilings
  • Office reception and display rooms
  • Hotel and Function Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Museums and Display Centres
  • Boardrooms
  • Lobby and Foyer spaces

Printed Doors

Whatever you can dream up, we can print it on a door. Give the office a lift with branding, wayfinding or artistic designs on your doors. We can print on most standard doors – timber or glass. We can also print on splashbacks and larger glass panels like bathrooms. Printed doors are also great for kids rooms or to extend the artistic designs of your home.

Our state-of-the-art direct to substrate UV cured printer ensures a crisp image
with an added clear layer to protect from the scuffing and wear of everyday use.

Cladding Services

We have extended our services from signage manufacture to ACM cladding on building facades. Our qualified tradesmen are cladding specialist with aim to transform any wall into a stunning facade.

Reinforced Modular Wall System

Sterling’s Reinforced Modular Wall Systems offer a complete solution to the ultimate attack-resistant architectural wall.

Our systems are economic and highly customisable with replaceable panels. All walls are pre-finished in a variety of surface finishes and can be supplied in a fast turnaround time.

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