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Improve the safety of your staff and customers with our range of customisable counter security barriers or screens to suit your fuel station.

Sterling Products have over 30 years’ experience in designing and fitting out fuel stations. From illuminated outdoor signs to security screens, bollards and shelving.

Anti-Jump Wires/Rod Systems

Security is a serious issue, particularly 24-hour stations. Sterling offer a wide range of security solutions to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

Anti-jump wires and rods are a cost-effective way of providing an impenetrable barrier to protect your staff. They are a great alternative to a solid transparent screen.

Anti-Jump Screens

Full transparent screen barriers come complete with pass through openings and voice transfer aperture ports. Our screens can be seen in a wide variety of stores, banks, and government offices. Screens can be built to suit architectural or specific design requirements and the size shape and configuration options are endless.

We have a long history of specialising in teller screens for major banking brands, Government departments and counter screens for the New South Wales Police service.

Bullet Resistant Screens

Bullet resistant screens take the full transparent screen protection option and make it virtually impenetrable. This is the ultimate in staff protection and recommended in high risk locations.

Ask our consultants about the various bullet resistant ratings and their recommendations for your situation.

Brochure Stands

These can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They can be countertop or floor mounted, freestanding or fixed. Designs are only limited to your imagination.

Safety Signs

Required by building regulations in Australia, the public safety sign series covers a wide range of sign sizes styles and messages all with particular applications and purposes. Warning and caution signs to alert the public to a safety issue or hazard to ensure that potential for injury is minimised. Instruction and direction panels to advise people of what is or is not appropriate or acceptable, or how to use an item safely are examples of this type. These signs are a must where public safety is a primary concern, and if not done correctly can leave openings for litigation in the unfortunate event that an incident should occur.

Internally Illuminated Sign Cases

When the project calls for more than a simple day light only sign panel, and promotion into the evening and through the nights would be an advantage to getting your message across to your customers, you need an illuminated sign. Although many methods are available to manufacture these sign types, the most common by far is the illuminated sign case with a facing panel of acrylic. The sign case houses the light source and the electrical components required to provide illumination, and the case is usually the means to also mount the sign when installing at site. The face panel is generally removable allowing access to the internal components for servicing or maintenance when required over the lifetime of the sign.

Wayfinding Directional Signs

Providing clear indications around the internal and external areas of your public access areas is an essential way to assist in the flow of people into, through and out of your premises with maximum ease. Avoiding confusion and enhancing the user experience when it comes to your store or premises will pay dividends when it comes to consumer feedback. Happy customers will return, and your benefits will follow on from there. Directional indicators can be  suspended from the ceiling or wall mounted as required to meet the needs of your particular site. Arrows and simple messages on either single sided or double sided panels for installation in positions as determined most visible to those approaching will go a long way to filling this need.

Internal Floor Signs

Floor signs enable you to use every available space to create your atmosphere, increase wayfinding advertise your products. Digital printed floor vinyl graphics are produced using a very specific media pairing which when applied correctly will allow you to use the floor as an advertising medium. An approved anti slip coating ensures customer safety.
With unlimited graphical possibilities, your floor doesn’t just have to be used for selling or traffic direction, it can be used to create and experience. Photorealistic imagery can be used to create an immersive environment. For example, you could be on a rope bridge high above the jungle.

Illuminated Molded Building Signs

Illuminated signs are ubiquitous with fuel stations. They can be seen from a distance and work as an advertisement around the clock. 3D thermoformed signs are high impact and can come in any shape or size.
The signs are usually attached to the roof, wall mounted or mounted to a steel post. The acrylic case opens for maintenance; however we make them extremely durable and often use LED illumination for its durability. They are resistant to UV and extreme weather. We also offer a maintenance service should you require.

Amenities Door Signs

Public areas will always mean provision of suitable amenities, and thereby the need for the correct labeling of doors and the directional signs to ensure the public looking for the toilets or even the exit doors leading to those facilities are clearly marked. This is not just a simple courteously, it is a requirement of the Australian building regulations to provide these what is considered asses-sable signs. Along with the usual amenities signs and exits are the fire safety series and the associated extinguisher, fire hose reel and hydrant position signs clearly indicating where these emergency items are located.

Over Counter Signs

Also known as pelmet panels or hamper signs, these panels are an effective way to segregate product ranges within the floor plan. These signs are designed to be viewed at close range, which allows us to provide more detail and colour range than say, outdoor signage.
Perfect for promotions and specials.

Night-Pay Window / Components

The after-dark shift can be risky for many retail and service staff. A night payment and transfer drawer system minimises the potential for robbery and attack. This allows the premises to be secured and all sales and transfers to the customer are done via the night pay transfer drawer system. These units can also provide a reasonable level of bullet proofing if required.

Vehicle Barrier Bollards

Vehicle barricades or barriers prevent a vehicle from entering a restricted area to protect pedestrians or prevent crash access to a premises.
Bollard engineering and placement is customised for each location to ensure maximum security. Our bollards come in a variety of styles including stainless steel, non-corrosive steel, powder-coated colour and Galvanised.

Promotional Bollards Covers

Bollards don’t need to look boring. Use the valuable space for advertising and branding. Short or long-term dress covers can be added for sales impact can be moulded or simply folded which fits over the security bollards at virtually any size or height.
Bollard covers are perfect for short-term specials and promotions. They can be easily slipped on and off as required.

Window Decals & Stickers

Window decals and frosting is one of the most cost-effective ways to display large format promotion.
Clear film, static cling, white, and even frosted films can all be useful depending on the message and type of promotion.

Promotional Counter Trays

High exposure right in front of the sales point, these small but effective standing displays can be quite novel if molded and made into a 3D or 2.5 dimensional display. These can hold an example of the product as to form part of the display message itself. Often seen as a simple folded and standing counter top single sided panel which has been digitally printed they are quite affordable when supplied in medium to large quantities.

Point-of-Sale Displays

Product showcases or stack stands which hold the merchandise on the floor can take the shape of virtually anything imaginable. A folded and assembled item can be fully self supporting and free standing. Made from a high density plastic or expanded PVC which can be directly printed before folding if the design is a 360 degree artwork to promote at any approach angle. These are light weight and easily transportable and can also be flat packed for shipping or storing.

Molded Display Stands

The 3D possibilities of these is something that is not often exploited to full extent as the realisation of achievable effects is very effective sales and promotion tool. Imagine a molded bottle over the bollard promoting a bottle of your favourite soft drink or flavoured milk. easy to install, easily removed and never falls over in a wind and usually right near the store entrance, a promoters dream in every way.

Voice Transfer Units

Communication through a full cover screen can become awkward if even possible at all with a thick screen between the attending person and customer and will need to be considered when contemplating the installation of a full screen option. The use of an electronic two way talk system is the solution to restore clear communication without compromising the security whatsoever. These units are available to include in any proposed new protection screen intended for use with either a full screen unit or a night payment serving window and transfer drawer system.

Site Audit Services

Our representative will conduct a site audit to ensure not only a perfect installation for you’re business but the right kind of security install that suit you’re needs and budget.

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