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Sterling Products are continuously developing new and innovative products to further an already comprehensive range.
Following are just a number of the areas in which Sterling Products can assist your business.

Financial Industry Product & Services

Sterling has been designing innovative banking and security products for 20 years.

We make everything from ATMs to counter security, barriers, jump screens, late night cash boxes and bullet resistant security screens.

Not only do our products provide compliance-level security, they also support your brand by either being highly noticeable or almost invisible.

Signage & Graphics

Sterling Products continues on over 30 years of proud manufacturing heritage producing a wide array of  signage and prints for all industry in Australia and abroad.

The advances in technology and materials of modern signage possibilities are limitless.

Architectural, Interior & Retail

We often work closely with project architectural services in the planning and production of very unique and bespoke architectural finishes and features.

An ever challenging area which often leads to the most amazing final results.

Trade-Stands & Expo Industry

Sterling Products are proud to create aesthetically suitable and unique yet functional display units, developed to an existing specification, if required we can create something truly unique.

We can provide a full service in production of custom displays for industry exhibitions and trade or sales conferences.

Fuel Site Industry

Providing a physical deterrent against armed assault and offering a peace of mind, our anti-jump systems are strong, safe, durable and easy to install.

Defence & Government

We build custom manufacture products, signage and security barriers in compliance with the defence and government standards. Talk to us to discover what our capabilities and resources do for you.

Design & Manufacturing Services

Sterling Products offers a build-by-build project service, meaning special items can be built as required.

With many years of experience, Sterling Product’s Team is well equipped to successfully undertake unique and bespoke or one-off projects to big production roll-outs.

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