Financial Sector Fit-Outs

Sterling has been designing innovative banking and security products for over 30 years. We make everything from ATMs to counter security, barriers, jump screens, late night cash boxes and bullet resistant security screens. Not only do our products provide compliance-level security, they also support your brand by either being highly noticeable or almost invisible.

General Branch Maintenance

We are your handyman! From general electrical maintenance to fit-out replacements, we’ll access the issues and get them fixed! Explore our full range of services and manufacturing capabilities to find out more.

Service Counter Security

For over 30 years Sterling Products has been specialised in security screens featuring unique designs. Providing an  effective deterrent against armed assaults whilst offering business peace of mind. Our Anti-Jump Screens are high impact and surface hardness, excellent optical quality, and light transmission as well as resistant against harsh chemicals. Our designs can be tailored to suit your site and taste.

Branch Facades Maintenance & Repairs

We’ll evaluate the damages and provide cost-effective solutions to address facade damages or weathered panels. This includes refurbishing and removing facade stains as well as replacing signage to keep your branch looking fresh!

Digital Branch

As we progress into the future, Digital Branches are becoming a trend. We are the one-stop-shop from design and fabrication to maintenance and repairs.

ATM Branding & Graphics

Sterling ATM branding kits and components are designed and manufactured to a high standard without compromising corporate specifications. We can customise our designs specifically to suit your requirements. We can build secure ATMs for indoor and outdoor use and we use the very latest in security technologies.

ATM Braille & Tactile Decals

All the necessary decals in a single set to suit the ATM unit as required. Braille dots and tactile features over full color text, graphics, and illustrations. Decals are sized to install in the detailed positions as shown in the decal placement instructions provided.

ATM Anti-Skimming Products

Our ATM Anti-Skimming products are tailor-made to suit individual ATM units. It prevents skimming devices to be fitted around the card insert area and any unauthorised camera devices to be attached on the PIN keypad area.

ATM Slam Guard & Bollards

Our ‘through-the-wall’ ATM Barrier is designed to fit any ATM specified. It is engineered by design to withstand up to a 10 tonne direct frontal impact and is not able to be chained up and pulled out.

Our bollards are strong and dependable. Use as a visual deterrent to prevent vehicles pulling up too close to the ATM.

Made to order to any specification required.

General Signage

We have been supplying Signage Australia-wide for over 30 years. From external awnings, cantilevered and facade signs to internal branch way-findings. We’ve got your signage requirements illuminating! To find out more, contact us or visit our signage page.

ATM Retro-fit & Maintenance

As a proud supporter of sustainable practices, Sterling Products provides retro-fitting and maintenance services to cope with the ever-changing market.

We can provide tailored and flexible service agreements specific to your needs. Our existing clients are already utilising our ATM maintenance services both local and inter-state. Ask for more information on how to proceed with an agreement of you own.

ATM Storm/Riot Shield

Designed to protect an ATM from damage due to severe weather conditions. Easily removed and stored until needed. Also suited for use in street riots or community unrest situations.

ATM Security Plinths & Bases

Our range of ATM Plinths are custom built to suit any specified ATM models. This range of ATM Plinths includes added features to increase levels of security as well as reducing the stress and torsion of plinth fixtures upon high level impact.

Storage Facility & Roll-out

Adding further to our customer focus we have increased our services to include ATM installation and Storage. From our facility we can now, dress and commission your ATM machine and dispatch for site installation anywhere in Australia and overseas. Our site crews are experienced in all aspects of the Servicing and functionality of Security and Brand customisation.

On-site Installation Service

Even after all the in house work is completed our service will often continue out into the field. Using our own experienced team of on site installers in order
to round out the entire process for our clients. This allows us to undertake work not done before which may require some very differing approaches to the installation.

  • Design – Fabrication – Installation.
  • Street Furniture for Urban settings.
  • Design, Fabricate and Install Sculptural features.
  • Repair and Maintenance Works.

ATM Booth & Awnings

The Sterling ATM booth offers customer privacy and sun-control. Booths may be bolted to external walls, erected on steel columns of shop fronts or manufactured in accordance to site specifics.

Privacy shields offer Clients additional security and privacy when conducting transactions.

Sun-control panels filter light and reduces reflection on the display, enabling customers to clearly read the terminal.

Security Enclosures

Our range of standardised and customised designs caters for almost every application for protecting classified documents.

ATM Receipt Bins

Sterling Products can design and manufacture ATM receipt bins to specification. Shown are some of the design styles we offer from our current range however new items are being constantly developed and added. Bins can be custom coloured and graphics added to suit any specification.

ATM Facelift Kit

The ATM Facelift Kit is an innovative solution by Sterling Products. It is designed to fit various ATM units. The idea is to provide a low cost solution to restore a weathered ATM fascia as well as preserve the condition of new ATM units.

ATM Communications Cabinet

This comms cabinet is designed to fit both left hand side and right hand side of the ATM unit. It houses all alarm and security equipment and can be finished to suit any brand specification.

Product Maintenance Attendance

Sterling Products specialises in the maintenance of all our products. We conduct preventative and routine maintenance checks, ensuring the value and longevity of your asset. We can tailor a maintenance schedule to suit your situation.

Deployable ATM (DATM)

Sterling Products are proud to introduce the all new Deployable ATM unit (DATM), featuring single or multiple ATM units to suit any brand and ATM variations.

  • Cost effective one-man deployable solution
  • Compact and manoeuvrable enclosed unit
  • Suits the standard requirements for security
  • Meets all Australian Banking Regulations
  • Fully self-contained power and air-conditioning
  • Engineer-certified chassis and suspension
  • Complies with all Australian design standards

Site Audit & Assessment

There’s no substitute for experience. A site visit from our technicians can save you time and money. Just knowing what to look for can make all the difference. After seeing the site, we will provide a set of written recommendations and solutions that will not only help us in the design and manufacture process, but also guide the installation for the best result.

Project Planning & Integration

It’s all in the planning. A well-planed project always runs smoother. Planning is often done in conjunction with your architect, builder or developer. We’ll work with them to ensure your signage and has maximum impact and longevity.

Planning helps us choose the right materials and construction methods for the job. It also ensures there are no issues with the installation and coordinates with the other trades that need to occur simultaneously.

In-house Design Services

Sterling’s team of talented designers can help you bring your ideas to life. With the latest in CAD software and rendering technologies, we can show you exactly what your ideas will look like before any construction begins. You’ll have control over your designs while we look after the technicalities.
Our experienced design team will guide you through the conceptual development of component design, material selection and the manufacturing process. We’ll make sure the solution is the most cost effective and impactful.

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