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Signs and Graphics

Direct to Surface Printing and Graphics

Advancing technology and innovations now used at Sterling Products allow us to transform colourful graphic design and printed image creations into stunning 3D products. As the first company in Australia capable of reverse printing direct to sheet prior to vacuum forming to produce the finished 3D panel. We are proudly setting new standards providing innovative products featuring our full colour high resolution printing. Ultimately producing UV stable and vandal resistant moulded acrylic and plastic products that until now were unachievable. Adhesion of the specialised ink formulation makes it possible to stretch the printed image with the moulding stock. The advent of this technology allows us to expand our creativity now and into the future.

With our own in house Digital Printing and Graphics team using the latest available technology, it is now possible to print directly to acrylic or plastic substrate before the moulding process to form 3D shaped items. Added to our already existing graphics capabilities, this is a new frontier for the future with a range of exciting possibilities. Our team of experienced Product Designers ensure your product is a quality item of which you can be proud.

Key Benefits to UV Printing Process

  • Multiple printed product applications – Plastics, Metals, Timber, Glass and Ceramic and more with unsurpassed adhesion.
  • Superior ink adhesion capable of supporting more than the weight of the reverse printed product, often eliminating the need for additional mechanical fixings.
  • Print Single sided or Double sided panels, in full colour high resolution quality on most common plastics used like, Acrylic, PETG, High Impact, ABS, Styrene etc.
  • Reflective for front lighted or Transmissive for Back lighted prints direct to product without the delaminating or releasing as will often occur with an applied vinyl print.
  • Resistance to fading of print images, filtered from Ultra Violet rays by the material selected before being printed. Increased longevity and colour vibrancy retention.
  • Scratch and Damage resistance provided by the correct material selection for reverse printed applications. The printed image is protected by the material itself.
  • Print panels up to 2000 mm wide and up to 50 mm thick to desired length – dependent on available stock sizes of chosen material.

Corporate and Architectural

We often work closely with project architectural services in the planning and production of very unique and bespoke architectural finishes and features. An ever challenging area which often leads to the most amazing final results.

The area of corporate and architectural sign and display is an area of infinite possibilities and offers Sterling Products many opportunities to show what this company can achieve.

Feature Panels and Foyers

Illuminated Mural Walls, Furniture, Building Works with a unique approach of finish designed to act as a part of the built environment becoming an actual building feature. We can deliver a successful outcome, when that comes if it can be done, we are the company to do it.

Sign Design and Manufacture

Making signs to an existing specification set, from a multiple of possible materials and then following through to the installation of the completed sign or complete sign system is yet another of our strong suites at Sterling Products.

  • Route signage in compliance with Transport Custom Sign Design and Fabrication.
  • Custom Sign Design and Fabrication.
  • Existing Signage Refurbishment.
  • Aluminium Composite Cladding Works and Services.
  • Directional and Way-finding Sign Systems.
  • All Specialised Sign Manufacturing.

Expo and Trade Stand Displays

Sterling Products are proud to create aesthetically suitable and unique yet functional display units, developed to an existing specification, if required we can create something truly unique. We can provide a full service in production of custom displays for industry exhibitions and trade or sales conferences.

Packaging Design and Fabrication

On shelf-presence might be the first and last time you get to connect with customers. So it’s vital that your packaging design stands-out in the retail environment and clearly denotes your product’s qualities and point-of-difference.

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