Advantages of Thermoforming/Vacuum-Forming

Using vacuum forming technology, Sterling Products can produce virtually any moulded shape required, from many of the available moulding plastics. Modern plastic formulations such as High Impact Styrene, Polycarbonate and ABS plastics all form part of the moulding process which we use daily in the manufacturing of products. We can offer a wealth of industry experience and knowledge in this plastic moulding technique.

Thermoforming or vacuum forming is a plastic moulding process which involves the extrusion of a single thick sheet of plastic. The sheet ranges from a wide selection of thermoplastics such as High-Impact Acrylic, Polycarbonate, ABS and many more. The choice of having textured applied to the material is also possible. Our specialist can provide free consultation on material selection and mould engineering which best suits your requirements. The sheets is soften through heat and then sucked down over a moulded shape with vacuum to ensure all details is achieved. The excess material is trimmed by a CNC cutter or used of a jig to its intended specification. Thermoforming is a preferred solution for medium to high volume production compared to expensive tooling setup for injection moulding. The largest of our thermo-formers can mould parts using a sheet up to 3000mm x 1500mm.

Why Vacuum-Forming?

Sterling Products has experience working with and moulding a large variety of plastic products. Known widely as vacuum forming, this process lends itself to the manufacture of products suitable for a variety of end use applications. When it comes to plastic products, vacuum-forming is also known as one of the most cost-effective solutions. Thermo-forming has other advantages over other plastic forming processes allowing us to provide products quickly, often far faster than other alternative methods.

Economical Production Tooling

Tooling can be created using workable materials. Wood and glass-filled epoxy are typical examples of machinable materials typically used for vacuum-forming applications. With higher production runs, water-cooled aluminium tools are preferred for their longevity as they will process many thousands of formed units.

Turn-Around Times

One of the most significant factors when looking at plastic product manufacture, and the volume and repeatability of ongoing production, is the tooling or product mould itself. The methods and the ability to make these tools ourselves allows us to setup the tool and get the job happening much faster than other plastic moulding processes. This is often a critical factor when looking at products being developed and made available with the minimum time taken overall. The process time when the moulding is in progress is fairly fast by manufacturing standards allowing often numbers in the hundreds of units to be formed per day.

Large Part Capability

Sterling Products can produce a formed part up to 3000mm x 1500mm. Material pull or depth of draw, depends largely on the material selection and thickness. If required parts can be moulded in quite deep shapes whilst others may require only shallow draw depths. The tools and the type of plastics suiting any particular project are carefully chosen and deliberately made to work together to provide the required outcome.

Intricate Parts and Wide Variety

With CNC trimming Parts can be held to a very close tolerance approaching that of injection moulding. The repeatability of CNC and final trimming of some items is essential in ensuring they will fit when installed in their particular application.

Selection of Suitable Materials

Many materials respond very well to Thermo-forming including. ABS, HDPE, HIPS, PC, PVC, PP, PETG and Acrylic just to name a few. A variety of other plastic formulations can also be formed.

Plastic Products Manufacture

Sterling Products offer a build-by-build project service, meaning special items can be built as required. With many years of experience, Sterling Product’s Team is well equipped to successfully undertake unique and bespoke or one-off projects.

Custom Display Holders

Even in as saturated a market of possibilities as the point-of-sales specialty area is, we often asked to provide something different in the ever elusive pursuit of making a product visible or to stand out to the potential purchaser. Provision of those uniquely different solutions to the client is another of our fields of speciality.

With full in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, we can produce a design tailored to your specific requirements.

Click on ‘Enquire’ below to request on a custom display holder or ‘Go to Store’ to purchase our off-the-shelf selection of Display Holders.

General Plastic Fabrication

With a team of plastic fabrication specialists, together with the right equipment for the task, Sterling Products regularly undertake the manufacture of all manner of items using plastic fabrication techniques. Utilising the usual methods, including heating and forming, line bending, welding and general fabrication. Using a 3-Axis CNC cutter to profile the plastic, hot bar benders to create straight bends and fasteners and glues to bond components together. In this department we also create sub-assemblies for our clients which reduce production times in their manufacturing plant.

New Product Innovation

Innovators in custom made plastics products.

Innovation matters. In the consumer product realm, it can drive profitability and growth, and it can help companies succeed—even during tough economic times. On the opposite side of the sales counter, consumers have a strong appetite for innovation, but they’re increasingly demanding and expect more choice than ever before.

The advances in technology, materials and resources at Sterling Products provides limitless possibilities. We have qualified and highly skilled professionals in all aspects of display and sign manufacture. You can be confident of Sterling’s ability to deliver you message with professionalism, style, and in accordance with the required specifications.

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