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Financial Sector Recognition

ATM Related Products/Components

Service Point Security Products

Site Audit and Recommenda

Financial Sector Recognition

Having our background in the provision of branding products and other functional items made specially for the financial sector has afforded us a long standing and unique position within the market. Our ever evolving range of ‘designed-for-purpose’ items and products including Banking Branch internal and external signage is the single most comprehensive product line of its kind in Australia.
This fact is widely recognised within the financial sector.

ATM Related Products/Components and Security

Sterling Products ATM branding kits and components are designed and manufactured to a quality standard without compromising corporate specifications. We can customise our designs specifically to suit client or site requirements.

Service Point Security Products

Providing a physical deterrent against armed assault and offering a peace of mind, our anti-jump screens are strong, safe, durable and easy to install. Anti-jump screen and barriers are cost-effective solution to prevent offenders jumping over a counter. We can also provide bullet resistant protection screens on request to take your security to the next level.

Site Audit and Recomendations

When the times calls for it, from experience we know there is no substitute for a first hand look at the project. From this visit by the application of the correct approach, a great majority of what would otherwise become issues later can be successfully avoided. Just knowing what to look out for can make all the difference, and often does just that. If possible we prefer self assess the site or location and observe the obstacles if any, for ourselves. We can provide a written recommendation to our client based on our findings which will provide a clear picture of how we plan to overcome any hurdles.

We will know if there could be a problem and advise on recommended solutions.

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